Red ginseng benefits, health food for men

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

What is ginseng and what is red ginseng?

Ginseng is a perennial plant which grows very slowly. It has forked shaped roots and it grows to be between 2 to 12 inches inside the ground. There are three types of ginseng - ginseng, white ginseng and red ginseng. It takes around 6 years for a ginseng to get ready and to grow fully.

Ginseng -

Fresh and raw ginseng is cultivated from the underground and contains about 75% of the moisture content.

White ginseng -

Ginseng is dried in the sun to turn it to white. Drying it under the sun bleaches its roots and turns it into yellowish-white color.

Red ginseng -

Ginseng, when steamed without peeling, produces a yellowish-brown color ginseng, called the red ginseng.

Minerals and essential natural ingredients present in red ginseng

Red ginseng is loaded with healthy components and various minerals and nutrients that are very much beneficial to the man's body.

Red ginseng is loaded with -
1. Vitamins
2. Amino acids
3. Natural minerals and oils
4. Ginsenosides
5. Polyacetylenes

All of these essential natural nutrients work together and individually to reduce your stress and fatigue and other diseases.

Health benefits of red ginseng

Red ginseng contains various types of vitamins and minerals and all of these nutrients help you maintain your body weight and stress levels.


1. Reduce your stress and lighten your mood

The most natural remedy to reduce stress and improve your mood is red ginseng. It's antidepressant and antis-tress properties not only reduce stress but also prevents stress-induced disorders and chronic stress.

2. Reduce weight naturally

Red ginseng has an ability to work as a natural appetite suppressant and if you're trying to lose some extra kilos then intake of red ginseng will make you feel full and it also increases your metabolism and helps you burn fat and calories at a faster rate.

3. Improves lung function and reduces the sugar levels in the blood

Red ginseng reduces lung bacteria and decreases the bacterial infection from spreading much further.

It also has been beneficial to people with type 2 diabetes and helps in reducing their blood sugar level and keeps it in the check.

4. Prevents deadly cancer

Red ginseng has cancer-preventing abilities and it stops the tumor from growing further. Its anti-cancer properties make it a natural ingredient that can be used to prevent cancer and tumor growth.

5. Boosting the immune system

Red ginseng has the ability to fight bacterias and infection and improve your body's immune system. Its roots, stems, and leaves are very useful in maintaining immune homeostasis and prevent any illness or chronic infection from reoccurring.

Red ginseng also has a few side effects like causing insomnia, headaches and high blood pressure if consumed in high quantity. It can also cause indigestion and dizziness. All you have to do is take the red ginseng in proper quantity. It is advisable to consult a doctor if you're on any medication or have had a surgery before starting to use red ginseng in your diet.