Black garlic benefits health food juices

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

What is black garlic and why it works magic for your health?

Black garlic is an old ancient ingredient to have been made first in Korea around 4000 years ago. It has a number of health and diet benefits. Black garlic is packed with loads of health benefit properties and intake of this garlic, either cooked or raw, works its magic on your body. 

Black garlic is fabricated by baking or fermenting the original and fresh raw white garlic under high temperature and humidity for around 15 to 20 days. Later oxidizing it at the room temperature for 10 to 15 days does the trick and you get a garlic which is black in color but very high in its health benefits. This process of aging the garlic amplifies the characters of it and makes it a good fighter against cold, high blood pressure and excess waste and toxins in your body. 

There are no added preservatives or additives which makes it a natural ingredient and you can prepare your own salads and juices by adding black garlic to it. 

Taste of the fermented white garlic is different from its raw counterpart and it feels a bit similar to vinegar. The original taste of the garlic vanishes and people who do not like white garlic might actually end up liking its fermented form. 

Reasons why you should add black garlic to your diet

As already mentioned above, black garlic has its properties amplified due to its aging and this amplification makes it a perfect fighter against a number of diseases. 

Black garlic helps you and your body cells fight against - 
1. Type 2 Diabetes 
2. High cholesterol levels and high blood pressure 
3. Allergies like cold and cough 
4. Alcohol damage 

How is black garlic a superfood that should be added to your diet? 

Black garlic is rich in sulfurous compounds, antioxidants and S-allyl cysteine (a natural component of garlic). 

Antioxidants are present in twice the quantity compared to the white garlic and help in protecting the cells. It also keeps heart diseases, circulatory problems, digestive function and, other chronic diseases at bay. 

S-allyl cysteine works wonders in lowering the cholesterol levels. It is an allicin compound and gets converted to its form during the fermentation process. 

An aged black garlic also helps in treating various types of cancers. Extract from black garlic has been crucial in prevention and treatment different types of cancer and colon cancer.