Red Ginseng Juice (10pack)


Increase your body immune system and control blood pressure while increase stamina.


Content : 1 Box (100ml x 10 packs)

Dose and method
2-3 times per day, one pack per use, before or after meals. Drink cold or hot depending on preference.

Characteristic of the Product
①Good fatigue recovery
②Enhanced stamina
③Anti-aging and skin care
④ Immune system booster

Red ginseng extract 1,500mg(1.5%) [Red ginseng saponin over 70㎎/g , Brix 60%over ,Korea), Plants material extract 85.35% (Brix 3%over , Jujube(Korea), steamed foxglove(korea), milk vetch root(Korea), arrowroot, longan, Hwangjeong, licorice, Chaga mushroom, deer antlers, polydextrose, Organic Agave syrup, fructo-oligosaccharide, Guarana extract powder, Taurine,VitaminB1,
VitaminB2, Niacin

Who needs to intake?
• turbid blood induced problems
• study
• stamina
• diabetes

① Keep in a refrigerator or cool place away from direct sunlight.
② It can produce a unique flavor and deposit depending on the nature of the raw materials, however, nothing wrong in quality. Shake and take it with an easy mind.
③ Make sure that people with a very sensitive system, pregnant women, invalids, and children should take after consulting with doctor.
④ Do not use the product in a dilated or deformed container


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