Balloonflower & Pear Juice(10pack)


Easy to drink and great for health


Content : [Type of product] Food Preparation (Herbal Health Food)

[Weight] 80㎖ × 10 packs(0.8 L)

[Ingredients] Balloonflower extract 82% (Brix 4% over, Korea), Pear concentrate (Brix 69% over, Korea), gingko extract(Brix 43% over)

Dose and method
Daily intake of 2-3 times daily, one pack per use before or after meals. Depending on preferences, serve it chilled or hot for better taste.

Characteristic of the Product
1. 5 year old bellflower root 100, root consumption
100% Korean product contains high quality 5 year old bellflower roots grown in the region where ginseng is grown are carefully selected, extracted, and concentrated.

2. When the temperature is cool, the quality of bellflower roots is highest!
Deep rooted bellflowers growing in winter is most welcomed when the weather is cold. People have been traditionally drinking bellflower boiled water.

3. Easy to drink and great for health
The special bitter flavor of 5 year old bellflower roots are loved by many but some find them repulsive. <5 Year Old Bellflower Mild for the Throat> contains concentrated pear juice and gingko concentrate, making its flavor sweet and soft. Its advantage is to try ingredients beneficial for the human body all at once.

4. Ingredients great for the throat in a single pack!
<5 Year Old Bellflower Mild for the Throat> contains 5 year old bellflower roots grown in the region where ginseng is grown, which is extracted with added pear concentrate and gingko concentrate for better flower. You can reap the benefits of not only bellflower roots but also those of pear and gingko, making it an ideal product for children and the elderly constantly suffering from cold symptoms.

1. Bellflower root grown in the region of ginseng
We have only added the bellflower roots cultivated in the region where Korean ginseng are grown.
2. Not just average bellflower roots, but 5 year old roots
These are not the common bellflower roots that you see at the market, but they are “five years old.” Common bellflower roots begin to rot after 2 years of sowing, therefore, they are immediately harvested. However, 5 year old bellflower roots can be grown for 5 years just like ginseng.

Who needs to intake?
1. For those speaking a lot
2. For those with frequent sore throat symptoms
3. Those suffering from coughing or phlegm

1. Keep in a cool place or a refrigerator away from direct sunlight.
2. It may have distinct fragrance and subsidence, but they do not mean anything wrong with the product. Also, shake and drink it before you drink.
3. It may vary in flavor and color depending on its country of origin, growth environment and harvesting time
4. Do not use the product in a dilated or deformed container
5. After opening, be careful not to swallow the separate cap or to be out of reach of children.
6. Store the product left after drinking in a refrigerator or drink it up as soon as possible.
7. Extra-sensitive reactions may appear in those who have certain diseases or sensitive or allergy-prone systems and/or are under treatment for illnesses. Must check ingredients for compatibility before taking the product.


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